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Designed for the outdoor enthusiasts, the adventurers, and the true patriots of South Africa.

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The Africa

The Africa incorporates everything that makes this crazy, beautiful country of ours unique.  Wear your culture!

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The Marula

This Ancient Marula is an iconic tree in South Africa.  Its roots bury deep into the African soil, and the marula fruit have been enjoyed by the elephants for centuries.

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The Buffalo

The Buffalo bull is a tank.  He protects and leads the way.  He can be both brutal and gentle - just don't stand in his way.

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The Camp Life

Inspired by those nights around the campfire, with nothing but the marvelous beauty of the African bushveld surrounding you.  The mountains, the rivers, the stars and the trees.  The Camp Life - take it all in.

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The Simpler Things

The Great Outdoors - Fishing - Hunting - Bonfires

This design represents everything we live for.  The things that fuel our African hearts. 

Simply stated - The Simpler Things in Life.

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The Grey Ghost

The Greater Kudu - Also known as The Grey Ghost.  The most majestic of all antelope. Not only in Africa but renowned worldwide.  With his impressive spiral horns, the Kudu glides through the thick bushveld like he is walking through thin mist. 

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Baby marula
Baby marula
Baby marula
Baby marula
Baby marula
Baby marula
Baby marula
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Are you raising a little bush lover?  We have the perfect outfits for you!

Our baby range is proudly made in South Africa, and handles dirt like no other.