Nelson Mandela Charity Initiative

Nelson Mandela Charity Initiative
Nelson Mandela Day 2019

Poverty in South Africa is a scary reality.  Can you imagine waking up in the streets of Johannesburg without any idea of where your next meal will come from?  This is unfortunately the challenge that hundreds of thousands of South Africans face.  

Sizwe from Masumpa Merchandising came with the idea of supplying over a hundred homeless people with a bar of soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, a toilet roll, a book, and a t shirt.  Sizwe invited us on board and we were thrilled to be part of such a beautiful initiative. 
The team from Musumpa traveled through the streets of Johannesburg to distribute the gift parcels.  Through their kind actions and everyone's donations, many homeless individuals would have experienced the joy of love and hope for the first time ever.  How beautiful is that?

Be kind to someone else, change a life, and, most importantly, never take anything for granted.  As Nelson Mandela said: "Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great.  You can be that great generation".
Thank you to Sizwe and the team from Masumpa for leading by example, the rest of us are sure to follow!

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  • Winnie

    I think Mandela left a good legacy for us south African we are still following his foot steps by making this charity grow

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