New Ambassador - Chegofatso Patrick Moratho

New Ambassador - Chegofatso Patrick Moratho

Chegofatso Patrick Moratho

The story of Chegofatso Moratho is an inspiring one. 
Growing up in the small village of Mashashane, near Polokwane, Chegofatso always had the desire in him to be extraordinary.  He recalls the hardships of growing up from a disadvantaged background.  His father was a bricklayer and machine operator on the mine, and he grew up with 9 siblings.   He says he remembers how some evenings they had to go to bed hungry, and only get food at school the next day.  Regardless of this, Chegofatso always excelled in sports from a young age. 
In 2016, at the age of 27, Chegofatso discovered his true passion – bodybuilding.  He was studying at TUT Polokwane campus during this time but unfortunately had to drop out due to financial implications.  He then turned his focus to bodybuilding and started making a name for himself.   Bodybuilding is a sport that requires extreme dedication, coupled with the right diet and the right supplements.  Although maintaining the right diet is expensive, and supplements are even more expensive, Chegofatso made up for his financial shortcomings with a level of dedication that cannot be matched by many.   He recalls people telling him on Facebook how he will never make it without expensive supplements and steroids, but he made a decision to prove them wrong.
In 2018, Chegofatso started to compete in bodybuilding competitions.   He never had a coach to teach him the flexes and poses on stage, so he had to teach himself by looking at the photos of the professionals, and comparing it with himself in the mirror.  The highlight in his bodybuilding career was when he placed 1st  under 70kg at the 2019 Musclemania Africa Championships.  After this he was was invited to compete in the international Musclemania competitions in Italy, Las Vegas & Paris. 
Chegofatso has one dream, and that is to open a fitness academy one day so that he can teach the youth of South Africa, especially from the rural areas, that life is not just about partying, drinking and doing drugs. That fitness can change your life, and give you the dedication you need to succeed.
This humbling interview with Chegofatso reminded us that a true ambassador is not one with many Instagram followers or Facebook friends, but rather someone that lives to inspire others to be better.  We, therefore, want to welcome Chegofatso to the African Apparel family, and we look forward to sharing many more of his successes with you as we follow him to greatness. 

Chegofatso is open for any sponsorships to help him achieve his dreams.  If you would like to get into contact with him, please send us a message for his contact details.
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  • Lerato Ledwaba

    Truly inspired,Limpopo is proud of you ….

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